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State: South Carolina
Insurance: 6-month SR-22 Insurance for a 94 Cadillac
Background: Recent DUI
Down Payment: $301.00
Monthly Payment: $61.00


* High Risk, DUI, SR22
* Accidents or Tickets
* Lapse in Coverage
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Minimum coverage varies between states, but the benefits of worker’s comp and liability are similar. Worker’s comp pays a portion of the lost wages and medical care to employees injured on the job. These services benefit employers and employees alike. Although you are required to have worker’s comp if you have a minimum number of employees, we can also create polices for employers with any number of employees or none at all.

Employees get coverage for accidents, injuries, occupational diseases suffered on the job. Employers can rest assured that they will not be sued and are only responsible for a limited amount of care based on the terms set forth in your agreement.

State Minimum Worker’s Comp Insurance

NC Basic Insurance

  • Employer with at least 3 employees
  • Minimum $1,000 Policy

SC Basic Auto Insurance

  • Employer with at least 4 employees
  • Minimum $750 policy

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