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Frequently Asked Questions

It's simple to add a vehicle to your policy. Just contact our agents by phone. Call (877) 235-8582 today.

Should take just a few minutes.

Policy Changes are simple when you contact our agents by phone.

Call (877) 235-8582 today.

We make payments easy with three options.

1.) Call (877) 235-8582 to speak with an agent during regular business hours.

2.)Pay directly through your insurance carrier's website or app.

Click Here to find your insurance company payment link or app..

In North Carolina. you can not go one day without insurance on your tag. If your insurance cancels, the insurance company will notify DMV that you no longer have a valid policy. This form is used to show that you did in fact have insurance on the date in question.

Yes. Please ask your agent for text message updates.

At Affordable Insurance Service, our agents shop your policy each time you are up for renewal with a wide array of insurance companies. That being said, if you would like to review discounts and coverages we are happy to shop your policy at any time.